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I love it when kids visit the Blaine House.  Here are a few new friends having their picture taken with me in the Reception Room!  Sorry these pictures are too light – Paula is trying to figure out her camera.  I try to be patient with her but it’s not easy!!

If you all are reading this blog, please leave a message and come back to visit again!!


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Here I am again, welcoming my new friends from the Coalition for Maine Women while they were visiting the Blaine House.  They spent the day at the Capitol and finished here with me.   I had a chance to tell my story through Paula’s voice from the podium and they loved me!!  And I of course, loved being the center of attention.

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Ok guys of Maine within viewing range of Channel 13 News, CRY YOUR HEARTS OUT!!!  I was in Kim Block’s arms and got a huge hug.  She loved me!!!

Kim was at the Blaine House  interviewing the First Lady on her military families initiative and you know who, yours truly,  got the biggest squeeze ever.   Got to love it!  She is great, and if you think she is cute on TV, I’m here to tell you she is beautiful up close in person.  Stop back anytime Kim and cameraman Jim!

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Just ask me how much I love running around the Blaine House yard and I’ll tell you, “too much.”  I have a favorite spot that’s just right for sneaking up on squirrels and I thought I saw a cat the other day.

Workers have been pulling weeds, raking leaves and trimming back the bushes and I can tell you first hand that the mulch they are using is a blast to run through.  I have to be careful of the flowers when I get into the mulch, and believe me when I tell you someone is always watching me from the windows.  I can’t get away with anything around here!!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  The Easter Bunny took good care of the Governor’s grandchildren on Sunday and I managed to stay the focus of attention while they were here.  You know what they say, never compete with children or animals, well the Easter Bunny might think she is an animal, but I’m here to tell you the kids and I ruled the weekend.  Oh yeah, it was a blast!

I’m just checking out the Easter Bunny.  Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way!

Easter Bunny A.K.A. First Lady of Maine – she thinks I don’t know who’s behind the bunny nose.  Got to give her credit for trying!!  The grandchildren were visiting from Canada for the weekend and wore me out.  They love me (and the Easter Bunny)!!

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Here we are, the best and brightest!!!  My new friends Abby, Elona, Elisea, and of course Maine’s own Poet Laureate, Wes McNair.  What a day!!

What could be better than having my belly rubbed while poetry is being recited!  Did I mention I love this gig!

Here they are folks, the leaders of the afternoon (other than me)!!  Wes McNair; Donna McNeil, Art Commission Director; Lulu Hawkes; John Rohman, Board of Directors Chairman; and Darrell Bulmer Art Commission Communication Director, in that order!

This is just me, trying to make new friends and snap up a few crumbs on the floor without anyone noticing.  It was a friendly crowd!

This is a picture, as promised, of lovely Lulu Hawkes.  She was terrific… and of course, that is me in Abby’s arms trying to get up close and personal.

You heard it here first – the Blaine House is hosting Maine’s Poet Laureate, Wes McNair today.  Paula is acting school girlish about meeting him.  She brought his latest book, Lovers of the Lost:  New & Selected Poems, to work today for him to sign.  She actually read one of the poems to me, titled The Puppy, (on page 62 if any of you have the book) and told me I should be very grateful I live without a chain attached to my collar.  Honestly, she needs to get a grip!

The winner of the state “Poetry Out Loud” contest will be here too. Her name is Lulu Hawkes. Isn’t Lulu a great name! I can’t wait to meet her and hear her recite the poem that helped her win the contest.  One student was chosen out of 8,000, and Lulu won it!  Go Lulu, Go Lulu.

I’ll ask Paula to take my picture with Wes and Lulu, (notice how I feel as if I am on a first name basis with them) before they leave today.  She never says no to me, especially when I give her my, “I love you” look.  It works like a champ every time!

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Holy Dog Biscuits, I’m new at this position as First Dog, but I can tell you it was crowded here at the Blaine House yesterday.  More than one hundred business owners, and a few extra people tossed in, all of whom worked on the Red Tape Commission were invited here for a thank you reception before the hearing on LD1 over at the Cross Building.

Now keep in mind I am just a dog, at least that’s what some people refer to me as and clearly they have NOT received the memo informing them that I am very important around here!!  I have no idea what  a Red Tape Commission is or LD1, but everyone was talking about it and gathered around the Governor while he spoke to the press.   He’s the “Top Dog” around this house!

Being the height of the average person’s calf, it’s a great view of the crowd from my angle, and I love escorting the Governor into a meeting of any kind.  You know how sometimes you see a guy on TV who yells, “Hear ye, hear ye, make way for The Governor of Maine!”  Yep, that’s what I do without all the yelling.  I just work my way through the crowd, grab a couple of compliments and pats on my head, help myself to snacks on the floor while guests balance food on their napkins, then I settle in for the event.

Life as First Dog is good here at the Blaine House .  I really love this gig.

Above, I’m just making sure the podium and microphone are ready before guests arrive.  This picture was taken in the Reception Room.   FYI – blue and gold colors in this room were chosen to match the colors in our state flag.

Oh the things you can learn if you stick with me?

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Oh yea, you read that headline right.  I was interviewed today by a Sun Journal newspaper reporter.  Her name is Lindsay Tice and (at the risk of sounding a bit like a poet) she was so nice.  She brought a photographer to take pictures of me.  Check it out and see if you can find it in the paper or on their website.

The photographer had me posing all over the house.  Well, I am the star of the show around here so it would make sense that she worked hard to get my best profile shot.  Paula (she is the Blaine House Director) thinks I’m the cutest dog in the world no matter what angle the camera takes.  I think she’s right on, I am the cutest in the world!!

BTW – this is my official Blaine House photograph!!  Baxter, First Dog, that’s me!

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