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The First Lady and I Skyped with Mrs. MacInnes’s and Mrs. Bryant’s 3rd grade class from the Blaine House.  This was the First Lady’s first experience Skyping.  I on the other hand, had a chance to try it last week and then made another appearance with the First Lady.

The class in Brewer has been working on a project called, “Chat Across America”.  I’d never heard of it before; turns out that Mrs. MacInnes has been very busy with her class of 3rd graders and connects with other 3rd grade students from all over the United States.  The First Lady is scheduled to Skype from the Blaine House again in June with a group of 4th graders from Phippsburg School.  I can’t wait to meet them!!


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Greetings from the Blaine House to everyone!!!  I had a great day today.  Two classes from an elementary school in Cape Elizabeth toured the Blaine House and I of course, was once again, the center of attention.  They loved me and were so gentle with me I didn’t need to run back upstairs!  Thanks young people from Cape Elizabeth!!  I hope you bring your parents back for a tour.

This picture below is fuzzy because Paula doesn’t always know how to use her camera!!!

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You heard it here first – the United Bikers of Maine had tea earlier today at the Blaine House.  They were great!!  They let me hang with them through their ceremony of guest speakers and after for their tea time in the State Dining Room.  Did you know United Bikers of Maine was founded in 1975 and there are over 2,700 members.

Check out the pictures!  I’m going to post more pictures on my Facebook page too:  Baxter LePage

That’s right, I have my own Facebook page now.

Me and the Big Guy – will someone please get my leather jacket!!!!!

I dare anyone to tell him his pinky finger is lifting – and yes, that is a REAL tea-cup he’s sipping from!!

They call him, Sonny.  They call me, Baxter.  Got to love that first name recognition thing!

Yep, that’s me the Governor is patting – he can’t resist me!!

My favorite spot in the whole world – in the First Lady’s arms.  She’s my girl!

Here’s my gang!  What a great time.  I hope they come back soon.

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