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First Lady and I love to Skype with classrooms.  She holds me in her lap and lets me look into the screen/camera while she talks about the Blaine House and being First Lady.  The kids love me!!!

Meet my new friend, Miss MacInnes.  It was a blast visiting with her classroom.  I think we are going to be visiting again soon – can’t wait!!


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Here are a couple of illustrations from the newly published book about me, Baxter, First Dog of Maine!!  A few words about the book taken from the back cover follow the illustrations.

If you’re interested in buying a book you can call the Blaine House and order a copy or go to www.blainehouse.org and order from the Friends of Blaine House web site.  All proceeds from the book go directly to them!!

Hope you like it!

In Baxter in the Blaine House, the lively Jack Russell terrier mix offers young readers a tour of the mansion that has been home to Maine’s governors and their families since 1920.  Baxter guides children through his daily schedule as supervisor of the rooms, while pointing out historic objects and his own favorite places – including, of course, his special spot in the kitchen.  Many fourth-grade classes tour the Blaine House while studying Maine history, and meeting Baxter is often  a highlight of their visit.

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